Corporate Story

Corporate Story


Previously, our Company has designed and developed 2 products: a social and business media platform branded as “SpeedG,” and a mobile app tailored for the network marketing industry branded as “Konet”. However, after test marketing both products, the Company decided to invest and bring in additional IT talent, to build extra features into those products, and remain one step ahead of our competition. In August, our Company came into agreement with 广州市合度信息技术有限任公司 (“”), a company specialized in blockchain and big data analytics technologies.

Currently, is providing its services to the Financial Service Institutions (FSI) in the Greater China Region (“GCG”). However, they have begun to develop a suite of Smart Tools known as the Hedu SmartSuiteTM based on the aforementioned core technologies. The flagship product, a technologically advanced FinTech chatbot, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered finance assistant -- the Hedu SmartBot aka Sherlock. While the flagship SmartBot is a primary focus,’s approach does not discount the fact the underlying components which, power the SmartBot, may be used to serve GCG FSI clients, as well as, developed into specialized products that better address the markets’ needs.

Due to the advanced technology of the flagship SmartBot, there are tremendous opportunities to develop the supporting framework and components, within the Hedu SmartSuiteTM, to manage the complex businesses of today’s FSI industry.

Via a variable interest entity (“VIE”) arrangement, our Company will control 100% interest of, and fund to design and develop Hedu SmartSuiteTM. Concurrently, will take charge of the final stage development of SpeedG and Konet. We believe there is tremendous synergy between both companies and the respective technologies each group possesses.



Generating sustainable growth and enhancing lifestyles by technological innovation and investment.


Developing a proficient and expert management team by investing in technologically innovative talents.

Consolidating creative ingenuity of in-house research team by substantial capital investment.



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