The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has progressed rapidly in the past ten years, although it was first recognized in the 1950s. From autonomous motor vehicles, to digital personal assistants, the technology is making its way into a variety of industries, enabling better task automation, language processing, and data analytics. However, more recently, AI is evolving to allow for experiential learning and improved functionality.

The financial industry recognized the benefits of AI early on. AI driven analytics across big data, already provides us with insights into financial performances through intelligence that might otherwise be considered unrelated.

Fintech innovations in AI, big data, blockchain, and more are spurring many exciting breakthroughs that will shape the way consumers and corporations transact and interact.

Recent shifts in consumer behavior triggered a new wave of innovation across many major industries. Traditional business models and strategies are being replaced by more customer-centric, personalized, and data-driven approaches. While such industries as retail and travel have been paving the way for AI adoption, finance technologies are rapidly catching up.

Millennials have consistently demonstrated dramatically different buying patterns and expectations than previous generations. Millennials reset the standards in digital channels, and now their preferences have been largely adopted by everyone else. This new millennial standard represents the new “table-stakes” that retail banking providers must understand and adopt, in order to win and retain relationships. These days, simply offering mobile banking is not enough. Unless it is easy and convenient to use, consumers will not download an app or use your mobile website.

Executives in the banking industry also acknowledge there is room for improvement. They understand there are significant customer pain points that must be addressed. More specifically they must facilitate: making payment options, comprehensive and up to date loan information, account balances and branch location information within the mobile app’s home screen – that will have a significant impact and will meet the demands of millennials.

It is envisaged that the Hedu SmartSuiteTM comprises:

1. Hedu SmartBot aka Sherlock (flagship) – An AI powered Fintech Chatbot

2. Hedu SmartCon² – A blockchain driven smart consensus + contract that facilitates intelligent based


3. Hedu SmartAlytics

4. Hedu SmartTrader+SmartWallet

5. Others


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