Technology Services

Technology Services


Big data analytics services delivers a better experience to Financial Service Institutions (FSI) clients by advanced engineering data bases and analyzing massive amounts of data to generate additional customer insights and offers intelligent actions including: consulting, constructing and data analysis which, improves customer engagement, increases revenue, and lowers costs. helps to define a big data strategy and identify appropriate technologies and vendors based on the client’s requirements and budget. The consultation sequence has a comprehensive view of the many options available and helps clients evaluate both commercial product vendors and Open Source options. designs prototypes utilizing big data technologies for clients after consultation. Upon successful validation of the prototype, constructs the big data solution to production-grade implementation. also delivers cost-effective maintenance, support, and data analytic services.


Blockchain technology provides a series of turnkey solutions to build, operate and maintain blockchain related technologies. Existing financial systems require the management of a central account. The balance of each individual is recorded and controlled from a central ledger, and the user is not in control of his own funds. These systems require costly and time-consuming compliance and settlement procedures which, place an increasing burden on the global economy. The goal of initial stage of is to provide “Blockchain as a service.”

  • Smart contract helps FSIs to build out platforms which store and process payouts via “smart contract”. makes the platform easy for enterprises to write and submit a self-executing contracts, triggered automatically ,once pre-determined parameters are met in real world timing.
  • Digital assets trading Digital assets sales are quickly becoming an important way for blockchain based businesses and organizations to raise funds for projects through digital assets crowdsale. provides a complete service for creating digital assets, distribution, crowdsale hosting and an extensive list of other services.

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