Huang Keiwei

Huang Keiwei

Chief Technology Officer

Presently, Dr. Huang is involved in the product development and architecting of’s Big Data Intelligence platform. Prior to joining Technovative, Dr. Huang was the CTO of a NASDAQ-listed social commerce organization headquartered in Shenzhen, China. For his work in R&D in Social Commerce, Dr. Huang was awarded Big Data Specialist 2016 by the China Center for Information Industry Development (中国工业和信息化部电子信息产业发展研究院) under "中国大数据产业生态联盟" and his creations for Social and Biz Apps were also awarded Social Media's best solution offering (社交领域最佳解决方案) in 2016.

Dr. Huang currently sits on the technical advisory board of the Shenzhen Guodun General Blockchain Integral Application Center. Other significant milestones includes the creation of the most successful "Cloud Service Offering" for Secured Financial Institutions and Big Business for Century Link. The product, Symphony was recognized as an industry leader by Gartner in 2012. He has also received the Chinese government’s National Development and Reform Grant in 2014 to focus on Cloud Technology and the government for big data in 2016.

Dr. Huang was also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of贝恩斯, which in 2011 was acquired by 文思海辉 a NASDAQ listed company, then largest outsourcing company in China。Dr. Huang holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Hons) and obtained his PhD in Object Technology from UNSW (University of New South Wales), Australia.

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