Ma Lit Kin Cary

Ma Lit Kin, Cary

General Manager at Technovative Asia Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of TEHG.

Mr. Ma has extensive experience in consumer products industry, which he worked in all different sectors including manufacturing, distribution and retailing. In addition, he is a seasoned mergers and acquisition as well as post-merger integration expert with more than 18 years’ experience. Mr. Ma used to work as a top executive for a medium-size Hong Kong listed company. During his employment, the company grew from a market capitalization of US$ 50 million to US$ 900 million. Mr. Ma was involved from the company’s IPO in the beginning, to later the public offering of a US$ 350 million non-convertible debentures in the United States. Mr. Ma graduated from University of London in 1988, and obtained his EMBA degree from Western Ontario University in 2009.

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