A blockchain-ready platform that integrates social media and commerce aimed at SMEs. SmartLoyalty aims to create strong loyalty-driven interactions between social users and merchant clients with features assisting merchants to conduct precision marketing campaigns and promotions.

Product advantages

  • Social Media

    Find friends,initiate and participate in activities.

    Analysis of user behavior and hobbies/interests.

  • Information Acquisition

    Data integration/aggregation platform.

    All touchpoints data are acquired.Active/Passive filters.

  • Data Analysis

    Virtual currency tracking.

    Muiti-dimensional data analysis and reporting.Provide data to support busines decisions.

  • User Classification

    User attribute management.

    Marketing feedback,interactive participation.

    Consumer preferences.Fine grained user classification.

Product features

  • User Profiling

    Fully understand the user.

    Understand the user characteristics.

    Understand the real needs based on profile.

  • Precision Marketing

    Intelligent grouping of members.

    Basic information and user behavior.

    Develop accurate and effective marketing strategies.

  • Virtual Currency Tracking

    Association with user consumption.

    Real time analysis.

  • Lifecycle Management

    Alerts,alarms and incentive mechanisms.

    Attrition management mechanism.

    Marketing management system

  • Loyalty Management

    Personalized activities reward.

    Personalized discounts.

    Personalized recommendations.

    Attrition management.

  • Channels Monitoring

    Online and offline sales channels.

    Real-time control of marketing activities.

  • Interactive Communication

    IM communications.

    Direct client interaction.

    Analysis of customer motivation.

  • Development Services

    Technical development.

    Software customization.

    System set up.

SmartLoyaty Features in a Glance